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What is a Retrofit?

Power is nothing without control. Retrofitting is the process of installing a xenon or bi-xenon projector into a reflector based halogen headlight. It is the best HID headlight upgrade possible since the projector will control the light into a properly dispersed, non-glaring beam pattern.

How long does it take to complete a retrofit?

Generally, in perfect world conditions 2-3 weeks. This is NOT a guarantee, HRlights takes no responsibilities for delays caused by but not limited to: Shipping delays, Acts of god, general delays of production. These are custom built per order/to order.

Returns & Exchanges

What is our return policy?

Full retrofits are not accepted as returns, due to the fact they were custom built per your specifications. Other parts may be returned if they are in like-new condition with their original unopened packaging. All returns must be made within 45 days and will be subject to a 20% restocking fee without exception. If the kit you ordered will not fit your application, we will gladly accept it back in exchange for full credit towards any other item from our store. Due to the high volume of incoming and outgoing packages each day, If no return form is included: we cannot guarantee that your return will be processed until contact is made and proof of delivery (ie tracking information) is furnished.

What is our exchange policy?

Full retrofits are not accepted as exchanges,due to the fact they were custom built per your specifications.
Parts may be exchanged if they are in like-new condition with their original unopened packaging for credit towards anything else in-stock. Exchanges must be made within 60 days of the original purchase date. For example, you ordered projector “X” but changed your mind and now want to use projector “Y”. If your returned part(s) cannot be restocked as “new” we reserve to right to deny the exchange or apply only a partial credit towards your new items (no more than 20% reduction in value.)

What is our refund policy?

Completed retrofits: Are not eligible for a refund,due to the fact they were custom built per your specifications.

Retrofits in processing: Have a 72 hour time period to be canceled,in which you will be refunded for the labor minus a 25% restocking fee for parts.

After 72 hours: See “How can I cancel my order?”

Parts: If you return an item for a refund, it must first meet the criteria stated in our above returns policy. If the item is received within 45 days from the original purchase date, we will issue a refund back to the original payment source. After 45 days from the original purchase date, we can only issue store credit.

How are shipping costs handled on returns/exchanges?

The customer is responsible for shipping costs to and from our shop. However, if the exchange is necessary because of our mistake, we will cover all shipping charges involved.

Full retrofits have a 72 hour time period to be canceled. As noted in “what is our refund policy”.

How can I cancel my order?

Anything after, If you still wish to cancel. You own the necessary parts to complete the retrofit at the retail cost of the parts. HRlights will pay to ship them to you. Only the labor will be refunded since no labor was initiated.


What is the warranty on my parts?

Please refer to the products listing page for specific warranty information, as it varies depending on the brand, configuration, etc. All warranties are non-transferable and are only applicable to the original purchaser. Full retrofits carry a 5 year warranty on parts, Labor is warrantied for a year.

How can I get a replacement for something that failed?

Please troubleshoot by switching components from side to side to isolate the problem. If your light doesn’t work anymore; the ballast, bulb, or wire harness may be faulty. Once you are 100% sure which component failed, you will not have to return it to us for a replacement. You will be asked to send in an image with the wires on the part cut and the serial number visible. A new part will be issued within 24 hours. In special cases, we won’t require you to permanently disable the part before a replacement is sent (ie if a light bulb is mis-colored).

How are warranty replacements shipped?

Shipments of replacement parts will be made by USPS First Class Mail and will be paid for by HRlights. If you are outside of the US and First Class mail is not an available option, you will be required to pay only the shipping costs involved to deliver your replacement part. There is no charge for the replacement part itself. If the customer desires any other shipping method (ie overnight) then they will be responsible for the associated costs.

What if something is missing from my order?

If you believe that an item is missing from your order; please help by e-mailing us a picture of the contents of your package. We will work together with you to help make sure you receive the correct/missing parts right away. Any missing items must be reported within 30 days of delivery, beyond that – we will not be responsible for such parts or any associated costs to deliver them.


What shipping options are available, how long will delivery take?

We offer shipping by UPS and the US Postal Service. UPS offers guaranteed transit times for their overnight and expedited services. USPS offers estimated transit times for their Express and Priority mail services, but no guaranteed delivery times. Refund requests for delayed delivery can be submitted for UPS only, and will be denied for USPS shipping. Once a package leaves our shop, we make no guarantees on the transit time as it is completely out of our control at that point. These rules apply for both US/Domestic and international shipments.

Where do the parts ship from?

All kits are shipped from TRS in Atlanta, GA. Orders generally ship within 24 hours. Our cutoff time for same day shipping is 12pm EST. If you call in an order with expedited shipping, we will extend our shipping cutoff time to 3pm EST.
Full retrofits are shipped from HRlights in Central Fl.Retrofits will ship once completed.

I want my shipment insured, what are my options?

Parts: UPS shipments are automatically insured for $100 within the Domestic US. USPS shipments do not have any insurance by default. If you would like your package insured for its full value, you must add shipping insurance on the shipping option screen during checkout. With insurance, you will be covered against damage, loss, or any delivery related issues. If no insurance is added and you selected UPS shipping, you will only be covered for $100. If no insurance is added and you selected USPS shipping, unfortunately we won’t be able to help assist you with any claims. Packages will be insured by TRS to handle claims directly.
Retrofits:are insured for $600 by default.

When I track my order online, it only says “billing information received” – what does this mean?

The USPS tracking number system is not very accurate, so even if an item has been shipped, their system may not recognize the tracking information immediately. UPS tracking information should show an update the night it was picked up.

My tracking number says “delivered” but I do not have my item, what can I do?

Please contact the carrier with any questions about delivery problems. All shipping labels are generated electronically according to the address information given with your order. We are not liable for lost or stolen items unless shipping insurance was added. We will gladly assist our
customer if there is a problem in any way we can though.

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